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Celebrating 175 Years
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
  • SAINT PETER’SIn the heart of Phoenixville

  • SAINT PETER’SWhere you come for SPIRITUAL FOOD

  • Wherever YOU are in your life journey, we welcome you!

  • TRADITIONAL WORSHIPa forward-looking vision

  • YOUR LOCAL CHURCH – A Global Community

  • SAINT PETER’SWelcoming to All

The Children’s Summer Worship Program Continues This Sunday

The Children’s Summer worship program continues this Sunday and every Sunday through Sunday, August 28th. The program is for children ages 3-9. Younger children may attend with a parent or guardian. Older children may volunteer to assist – email to volunteer. The program starts when the service begins at 9:30 and runs until Peace time. Children will process up the aisle with the leaders at the beginning of the service. Our theme this summer is “Neighbors”. We will start with the parable of the Good Samaritan and talk about who our neighbors might be. On following Sundays, we will welcome […]

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Daily Devotion

Reflect on today's lectionary readings, and read prayers for today's offices.

Church Calendar

Thursday, June 23rd
Noon Community Lunch

7:00 Vestry Meeting

7:00-8:30 NA

Friday, June 24th
Noon Community Lunch

Saturday, June 25th
8:30 New Member - Growth Committee Meeting

9:00 Pantry OPEN. Breakfast and Health Screening available.

Sunday, June 26th
ONE SERVICE ONLY at 9:30 a.m. - Use of Incense during the service: For many, the use of incense before and during the service symbolizes lifting our prayers to God, and is a long-standing part of our worship. This has been our practice for Holy Days throughout the year. As we discerned the use of incense for special holy day services, we will only be incensing the altar and not using it during procession, reading of the Gospel or offertory.

8:30 Adult Choir Rehearsal

9:30 Choral Eucharist
Preacher and Celebrant: The Very Rev. Dr. Koshy Mathews
Sermon Title: Fresh Start

Childrens Worship: This weeks Neighbor is nurse, Joni Coleman. Joni will talk about nursing with the children, and she will bring some tools of the trade, and have an activity for the children.

Next week, July 3rd, we will have a visit from a fire fighter. Also the fire station on Church St. will be open for St. Peters families to visit after the service.

2:30 Peace Vigil at St. Peters

Monday, June 27th
Noon Community Lunch

6:00 Pantry OPEN. Dinner Provided

Parish Office Hours: TUESDAY to FRIDAY 8:00 a.m. to Noon

Tuesday, June 28th
Noon Community Lunch

Wednesday, June 29th
Noon Community Lunch

7:00 Overeaters Anon.

Thursday, June 30th
Noon Community Lunch

7:00-8:30 NA

Friday, July 1st
Noon Community Lunch

Saturday, July 2nd
Noon Gabriels Kitchen Lunch

9:00 Pantry OPEN. Breakfast and Health Screening available.

Sunday, July 3rd
8:00 Eucharist
Preacher: The Rev. Joseph Dietz
Celebrant: The Very Rev. Dr. Koshy Mathews

9:30 Eucharist with Music
Preacher: The Rev. Joseph Dietz
Sermon Title: Laborers for the Harvest
Celebrant: The Rev. David Hyatt

Childrens Worship

Full Calendar