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2022 Pollinator Garden

On Saturday, May 14, three of St. Peter’s ministry teams collaborated to establish a “Pollinator Garden” along the fenced north edge of the parking lot.  This was conceived by the Environmental Committee to beautify as well as attract bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects.

Dave Brennfleck coordinated volunteers from the Men’s/Property, Gardening, and Environmental Committees to conserve and re-use resources in multiple ways:

  • Dig up the rubber mulch in the two-foot wide channel at the Prospect Street end of the parking lot, and add this to the mulch in the liriope garden on the other side of the fence;
  • Remove and discard the wooden walls of organic vegetable garden, as this area needed to be cleared to make way for the installation of the ADA/accessible ramp to the church offices;
  • Straighten the chain-link fence by pulling forward the fence post pushed back by a snowplow this winter;
  • Move the soil from the organic vegetable garden into the two-foot wide channel;
  • Plant 30 perennials in the fresh soil to start the garden, including dwarf oak leaf hydrangea, bee balm, rudbeckia/black eyed susan, purple iris, yellow goldenrod, purple phlox, catmint, daisies, canna, and a mix of wildflower seeds embedded in cracker-like seed discs.

Most of the plants were selected by Karen Reid and Dave Brennfleck, but Leo transplanted some varieties from the St. Peter’s East garden and his home.  The best part is that this is just the beginning, as we will continue to add more plants as time goes on.

The work crew included Dave Brennfleck, Jim Dallas, Shawhan Fox, Lisa Scott, Karen Reid, Robert Gauthier, and Leo Guen.

Part of the Pollinator Garden work crew, L to R: Leo Guen, Karen Reid, Jim Dallas, Dave Brennfleck, Robert Gauthier.


Garden looking east. Notice the organic vegetable garden is now done, with the ADA/accessible ramp to be built into the office behind Dave.


) Pollinator Garden looking west, toward the Senior Center.


Dwarf oak leaf hydrangea


Grape bee balm


Rudbeckia, aka black-eyed susan