4th Annual WALK AWAY HUNGER – Saturday August 4th

Three years ago Juliana Flora felt the need to challenge herself and chose to walk 18 miles and raise money for the hungry. She chose St. Peter’s pantry to be the recipient of her efforts. She walked 18 miles along Rt. 113, ending at St. Peter’s church. Using her talents with social media she raised over $1000.00. We rewarded her with a bucket of ice for her very sore feet!

Two years ago she decided to walk the 18 miles on the Perkiomen trail, we gave her a send off at Snyder Rd., meet her again at Plank Rd. (with an ice bucket) and finally meet her at Pawlings Rd. with more ice. She again raised well over $1000.00
This year we want to bring more awareness to this wonderful event. Juliana will again walk the Perkiomen trail but we want to step up our support.

We are looking for people to walk with her for all or part of the way. We are also looking of people willing to sponsor these walkers. The event will end at Lower Perkiomen Valley Park with a picnic and of course an ice bucket.

  • 8 AM Green Lane / Snyder Road to Plank Road (8 miles)
  • 11 AM Plank Road to Collegeville (4.5 miles)
  • 1 PM Collegeville to Lower Perkiomen Valley Park (5.5 miles)
  • 4 PM Picnic t Lower Perkiomen Valley Park

For more information about times and how you can help or if you want to donate to this wonderful event, please feel free to contact either Doreen at penczer@comcast.net or Gary at grussell21@hotmail.com with any questions.

The pantry continues to serve 80-100 people every other Saturday and is so very grateful for your continued support.

St. Peter’s Pantry