Celebrating 175 Years
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Get Involved: In Service to Others

At St. Peter’s we live out the teachings of Jesus through the gifts of our time, talents and treasures. Join us and give to those who are needy and have no hope.

It is easy to get involved in any of our ongoing outreach projects listed below. Click the contact links below, call our office, or come by the church for more information.

The Food Pantry

line for pantryThe Food Pantry at St. Peter’s serves the food needs of Phoenixville and the surrounding area all year long. It operates 100% on food and monetary donations and is always in search of people, groups, businesses or other organizations willing to host a food drive to help its efforts. When it first opened in 1999, it served about 20 families and today it has grown to serve more than 100 families every other Saturday from 9-11am. Clients of the Food Pantry are only asked for a name, proof of address and to sign a self declaration of need form in order to receive their bag of food. Bags are typically filled with cereal, soup, pasta and sauce, vegetables, tuna fish, other extras like milk and eggs and additional government food when available. In addition to the bag of food, clients get to choose 2 additional items from our shelves and can participate in free health screenings and enjoy a free hot breakfast. If you can help please contact Joe Dietz.

The El Salvador Mission


The El Salvador Mission has been part of St. Peter’s mission of outreach since 2007. Each year 6-14 missioners travel during the summer to serve those struggling in poverty in El Salvador in connection with Cristosal. Our work in El Salvador is more than just construction projects. Our focus is to share and connect with the native people, gain knowledge of their culture and country and to walk with the El Salvadorians in solidarity to form a sustainable, brighter future and higher quality of life. All missioners experience a spiritual journey of discovery and a deeper closeness to God after this week-long mission trip. This year we will be involved in community wide business initiatives in 2 communities that, if successful, will lead to sustainable financial growth for El Salvador. Cristosal is presently under the direction of Noah Bullock, who is doing an amazing job at fighting poverty at its root cause. You can learn more about Cristosal and its great work at www.cristosal.org.

The Appalachia Service Project

aspThe Appalachia Service Project (ASP) is a favorite youth group outreach activity of our 9th-12th graders. Every other year since 2008, a group of 5-10 youths and chaperones travel to West Virginia for a weeklong trip to serve those struggling with poverty. We work to make their homes safer and stronger, giving our youth insight into what life is like in a part of our country they might not otherwise see. In addition to this life-changing experience, our youth build memories and friendships with other youth groups participating from around the U.S. ASP is a Christian-based organization not only dedicated to helping people with their homes, but also with a greater focus of fostering spiritual connections and enrichment. You can visit ASP’s website at www.asphome.org for more information. The next mission is slated for summer, 2014 and everyone is looking forward to it!

The Breakfast Ministry

breakfast-mission-smThe Breakfast Ministry began in 2010 to offer a more welcoming and hospitable experience for clients of The Pantry. We welcome them to come to the kitchen and fellowship area to enjoy a free, hot breakfast. Though the breakfast is wonderful, the main focus is on relationships. What a better way to forge new and stronger friendships than to sit at a table with others during a good meal? There are 3 teams of dedicated volunteers that serve on a rotating basis to sustain the breakfast mission from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Washington Memorial Chapel of Valley Forge and Vineyard Community Church. A valuable adjunct to the breakfast is the presence of a nurse from Phoenixville Hospital who is available for blood pressure screenings and health consultations. We are very thankful to all who contribute to this meaningful mission by offering an atmosphere that fosters stronger bonds between all people.

St. Mary’s Franciscan Shelter

St. Mary’s Franciscan Shelter, located in Phoenixville, serves families that find themselves homeless for many reasons. Along with many churches in Phoenixville, St. Peter’s provides a dinner for the residents for two separate weeks of the year. Parishioners prepare a meal in their own homes, sometimes partnering with another member. We always prepare enough food to feed twenty people including children. The volunteer delivers the meal to the shelter by 4:30 p.m. Meals do not need to be fancy; a simple nutritious meal that you would feed your own family would be best. This is a wonderful ministry for folks that are looking to do God’s work, but may not be able to commit to a long term volunteer obligation.

Good Works Phoenixville

Good Works Phoenixville is a popular service opportunity for the youth group members in grades 9-12 in conjunction with Goodworks, a Christian organization. Since 2009, this group has committed a full day of service in the Spring and Fall to serve a Chester County family to help make their home safer and stronger. There is usually a team of 4-6 youth and up to 6 adults who participate in this great mission with an emphasis on interacting with the family and forming connections and relationships. This wonderfully enriching experience leaves everyone satisfied with what they’ve accomplished and learned throughout the day and the clients always have very positive feedback for their experience with us. You can learn more about Goodworks by visiting their website at www.goodworksinc.org.