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Father Sam

“Leave it there.” A message from Fr. Sam.

A very blessed morning to you and yours.

I must confess that I have felt a bit odd the past few months every time I send out this email, I keep hoping that there is good news and we can gather, yet our present circumstances have not allowed all of us to gather together around God’s table. In between moments of prayers and meditations I have asked  does prayer make a difference with God? My answer has been Yes, prayer makes a difference with God when prayer makes a difference with us. If you want your prayers to change things, let them first change you—your habits, your schedule, your priorities, your daily routine, and your inward focus. When that happens, your prayers will be like arrows that hit their target in heaven.

If the world from you withholds of its silver and its gold, and you have to get along with meager fare
Just remember, in His Word, how He feeds the little bird, take your burden to the Lord, leave it there

Leave it there, leave it there Just take your burden to the Lord oh and leave it there
If you trust him through your doubt, He will surely bring you out take your burden to the Lord, leave it there

Continue to strengthen your home altars by praying together as a family and sharing the word of God. This practice will produce strong individuals.

Please find a link to our Christ The King morning prayer service. I look forward to seeing some of us and for those that will not be able to join us in person, you are welcome to join our Live streamed service on our website starting at 9:15am with Prelude and service at 9:30am follow this link:

Fr. Samuel K. Ndungu