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“The Lord is our Shepherd.” A message from Fr. Sam.

To all St. Peter’s family and friends.

Today is another day of disrupted normal. While we are not meeting corporately as a fellowship, we will continue to fellowship online. On Friday evening we had a glorious and fulfilling time together as we checked in on each other and raised our prayers together. God willing we will meet again on Wednesday and Friday evening at 7:30 pm and on Sunday morning at 10 am (God willing we can do this via Zoom)

These are unique times and we have to apply both wisdom and faith. As the St. Peter’s family, let us continue to play our role in making sure the pandemic doesn’t continue to spread. Make sure you take care of yourself as well as your loved ones and together, we will come through victorious.

Thank you for your love and support for the Church and her ministries with your time, talents and treasures. The Parish Office remains open Monday – Friday, 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. to receive calls from parishioners who may be experiencing physical, emotional or spiritual challenges. Please contact me on 302 252 8152 if you need anything and you will be directed with your concerns to the appropriate person, agency or organization.

Continue to strengthen your home altars by praying together as family and sharing the word of God. This practice will produce strong individuals.

Please find a link to our 4th Sunday in Lent service and sermon here If this does not work please find it our website,

We love you and we are praying for you.

Fr. Sam.