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Amy Atlee teaching new Qigong class at the Phoenixville YMCA

St. Peter’s parishioner Amy Atlee has begun teaching Qigong classes at the Phoenixville YMCA at 400 E. Pothouse Road, starting January 4, 2024.
Her 45-minute classes are held in Studio B at the YMCA on Thursdays at 12:15pm.
Amy’s first class was a big success, attended by 8 students, including Leo Guen, who encouraged Amy to start teaching at the YMCA, where she joins his wife Sherry Ma, who has been teaching Power Yoga and Yin Yoga classes for many years.

In her first week at the YMCA, Amy also taught Gentle Yoga as a substitute instructor. Her husband, Chris Goulian, was fortunately on hand to solve a sound system issue enabling Amy to provide inspiring background music.

Most parishioners are aware that Amy has been leading yoga and qigong classes at St. Peter’s for several years, in St. Margaret’s Hall or outdoors if in good weather.

Qigong combines movement, breathing, and mental focus in a gentle but powerful form of exercise. Every movement increases energy, harmony and happiness. Studies at Harvard Medical School, the Mayo Clinic, and other leading medical institutions support the many benefits of Qigong that include balance, strength, mental health, physical fitness and wellness.