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Service To Others

At St. Peter’s we live out the teachings of Jesus through the gifts of our time, talents and treasures. Join us and give to those who are needy and have no hope.

It is easy to get involved in any of our ongoing outreach projects listed below. Click the contact links below, call our office, or come by the church for more information.

Daily Lunch Program

Saint Peter’s hosts a daily lunch program, Monday through Friday, 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM in our kitchen and Smith Fellowship Room. The Phoenixville Ecumenical Lunch Program consists of several churches and groups who individually prepare hot lunches for individuals who would otherwise not have nourishment. All meals are provided at no cost to our guests and all are welcome. No registration required.

Cristosal Foundation Mission


St. Peter’s has enjoyed a partnership since 2007 with The Cristosal Foundation, a human rights organization operating in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras in Central America. Cristosal is recognized by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees as a leading advocate for human rights in Central America and is led by Noah Bullock, an internationally recognized expert and leader in the region.

We support Cristosal in several ways.

We have traveled to El Salvador as participants in their week long Global School experience to walk in solidarity with the Salvadoran people and gain understanding of their history, culture and struggle to realize a society where every person is equal in human rights and dignity. We learn their stories and share their pain and they are elevated by the knowledge that we care. The North American visitors experience a spiritual journey of discovery and a deeper relationship with God after this week long immersion.

In addition, we join the fight for human rights with an annual fundraiser to support their essential work of empowering families to seek justice, partner with communities to build resilience, conduct participatory research, and pilot innovative approaches to addressing complex human rights problems.

We are in frequent communication with members of the staff and we maintain regular prayer every week to ask God for his blessing and care for Noah and staff. St. Peters is seen by Cristosal as their longest standing U.S. friend and supporting church.
You can learn more about Cristosal and its great work at This ministry is led by Cindy Hammaker at

The Breakfast Ministry

breakfast-mission-smWe provide a complementary full, hot breakfast every Saturday morning in our social hall for the community in a calm, quiet atmosphere where everyone is welcomed, valued and will experience a sense of community. We find our services especially appreciated by elderly, those experiencing food insecurity and homeless persons.
Our Breakfast volunteer teams serve every Saturday on a rotating basis throughout the entire year. Two teams are St. Peter’s parishioners and we have two partner teams comprised of at-large community members who collaborate with us to serve our neighbors in need.

St. Mary’s Franciscan Shelter

St. Mary’s Franciscan Shelter, located in Phoenixville, serves families that find themselves homeless for many reasons. Along with many churches in Phoenixville, St. Peter’s provides a dinner for the residents for two separate weeks of the year. Parishioners prepare a meal in their own homes, sometimes partnering with another member. We always prepare enough food to feed twenty people including children. The volunteer delivers the meal to the shelter by 4:30 p.m. Meals do not need to be fancy; a simple nutritious meal that you would feed your own family would be best. This is a wonderful ministry for folks that are looking to do God’s work, but may not be able to commit to a long term volunteer obligation. This is led by Natalie Famous at

Good Works Phoenixville

Good Works Phoenixville is a popular service opportunity for the youth group members in grades 9-12 in conjunction with Goodworks, a Christian organization. Since 2009, this group has committed a full day of service in the Spring and Fall to serve a Chester County family to help make their home safer and stronger. There is usually a team of 4-6 youth and up to 6 adults who participate in this great mission with an emphasis on interacting with the family and forming connections and relationships. This wonderfully enriching experience leaves everyone satisfied with what they’ve accomplished and learned throughout the day and the clients always have very positive feedback for their experience with us. You can learn more about Goodworks by visiting their website at