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New Tiled Floor for Prospect Street Entrance

During three consecutive Saturdays in February (11th, 18th, and 25th) and Monday, March 7th, the St. Peter’s Property Committee completed phases 4 and 5 of the Prospect Street flooring project, replacing the old broken floor with new ceramic tiles. The result is both aesthetically pleasing and far safer.

The members of the Property Committee invested more than 125 manhours of work that progressed in these phases:
1. Tearing out the original cracked and buckled concrete floor in both the main entrance room and adjoining utility/trash bin area.
2. Working with contractors to replace all the leaking and corroded main steam and condensate pipes underneath to refurbish the heating system and insulate these pipes.
3. (A contractor) laying base gravel and re-pouring the concrete floor.
4. Cutting and laying/mortaring new ceramic tile consistent with the surrounding look and pattern of the adjoining hallways.
5. Grouting, finished during the March Property Committee meeting.

The total cost of materials came in well within budget at just under $3,500.

From Vestry liaison Shawhan Fox, “Many thanks to those who contributed their time and effort, especially Jim Dallas, Ray Foerster, Mark Hammaker, Dave Brennfleck, Dave Meadows, Curt Quaintance, and last but not least, Father Sam, who gained new skills cutting and grouting tile.”

Completion of this project paves the way for the restoration or replacement of the wall paneling in the entrance foyer and the reinstallation of the radiators temporarily removed.

If interested in joining the Property Committee or participating in future events, contact Mark Hammaker at or Dave Brennfleck at or Shawhan Fox at

Jim Dallas laying mortared tile near the Prospect Street entrance.
Father Sam bravely cuts tile for the first time.
Father Sam watches Curt Quaintance grout the newly tiled floor as they are 80% done.
Grouting requires a strong back!
Mark Hammaker, Curt Quaintance, Dave Brennfleck and Father Sam celebrate near-completion of grouting on March 7th.
Mark, Dave, and Father Sam joke about why Shawhan Fox is the only one wearing knee pads.