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By Todd Jackson

As the Vestry’s representative to The Clinic, I serve as St. Peter’s Church interface with the Clinic’s board of directors.  I knew little about the Clinic and its role in the community until I became the Vestry representative, and would like to share some of what I’ve learned with the rest of our parish community.  On October 28, 2022, The Clinic is celebrating 20 years of service to Phoenixville since its founding.

The mission statement of The Clinic states the following:  To provide quality healthcare to the uninsured and underserved with dignity and respect.  Since opening its doors 20 years ago, The Clinic has provided over 150,000 patient visits to our most vulnerable neighbors.

St. Peter’s Church benefits directly from having The Clinic as a useful and reliable tenant of the Church’s former rectory building across the parking lot.  Benefits to St. Peter’s include:

* Monthly rental payments, typically used for church building and property maintenance.

* The Clinic handles ongoing maintenance of their facilities and the building, which would otherwise be the responsibility of St. Peter’s.

* A portion of St. Peter’s Church property is put to significant useful service to the community by housing The Clinic to provide medical care for Phoenixville’s uninsured people.

The Clinic benefits from the relationship with St. Peter’s Church, including:

* A negotiated below-market lease rate is helpful to The Clinic’s mission and financial health.

* The Phoenixville community has extensive availability of quality healthcare to those without insurance and limited ability to pay, or otherwise access healthcare.

Your Vestry representative to The Clinic’s board of directors serves as a communication pathway, helping to assure St. Peter’s awareness of Clinic objectives and activities.  The Clinic is a worthy community resource: if parish members wish to contribute to The Clinic’s mission or to commemorate the 20th anniversary celebration please contact Todd Jackson at  More information is also available at the website: